Phelps House Fire

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The Phelps house fire started on February 2, 1994.  The fire is believed to have started when the family dog knocked a flammable item onto the woodstove in the basement.   The fire apparently smoldered for most of the day until the owner came home from work.  When the owner opened the front door, enough oxygen was allowed into the building to cause an explosion.  The owner was thrown off the front steps by the explosion but was uninjured.  The fire consumed the basement area and extensive burning occurring throughout the house.  The floor in the upstairs burn through and fell into the basement.

Initially there was some question of the whereabouts of one of the children.  An interior search was performed but all that was found was the family dog, which was found by the front door.  It was later learned that the son had stayed after school and arrived later on the bus. 

The house declared a total loss by the insurance company and a new house was rebuilt.

The following photos were taken from the rear of the house.


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